Wonder Mat That Build Baby Muscles

Inflatable water play mat is made to improve/enhance infant developments.

Why You Need This For Your Kid

👉 Sensory Developments

👉 Strengthens Arms & Neck Muscles

👉 Prevents flat head shapes

👉 Improves motor skills

👉 Promotes crawling

👉 Helps to enhance color visuals and movements

👉 It enchances/improves learning about effects & causes

👉 Great for sensory stimulations and motor skills.

Secure Your Kid With This Mat

👉 It prevents flat shaped head which might be caused by continous lying on the back

👉 It makes the baby’s neck and muscles strronger

👉 It improves the movement of the baby

Normal price: 5000KSh


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2Packs: 7,100KSh


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