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Multifunctional Abdominal Wheel GymAtHome

No 1 Rated Home Fitness Workout Tool

Do you want to keep fit, get in great shape and remove fatigue? Then the Multi-function Abdominal Wheel is your perfect compact home fitness equipment that will help you loss weight,strengthen your chest, back, arms, shoulders,waist and abs with 6 levels and 44 different exercises.

Burn fat where it has been accumulated more effectively so as to achieve the effect of shaping body and body building.It’s a whole-body fitness equipment that can be used by the whole family.

Why Choose The Abdominal Wheel?

  • Resistance workout at home or office.
  • Effective exercise for abdomen muscle
  • Exercise for upper part, middle part, lower part and side abdomen muscle
  • Shape perfect muscle lines of waist
  • Six exercising levels for great effectiveness.
  • Shape the muscle of breast, back, arms, shoulders and abdomen at the same time
  • Quickly and easily shape your body
  • Assistant bi-directional force technology
  • It is small and convenient and you can take it anywhere

How To Set It Up

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