Are you tired with your messy wardrobe?

Did you need extra space in your closet?

Do you still waste time to find your clothes in your closet?

Are you looking for a good wardrobe organizer?

Our magical clothes hangers will help you! Let’s far away from a messy wardrobe!

Buy this LIFE SAVER HANGER now so you can have more space in your closet!

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Magic Decent Organize Hanger for Pants

  • This organized hanger can be fold, more space can be save for your closet

  • This material is sturdy and not easy to be out of shape

  • Best for apartment, villa, house, dorms, etc. 

  • Multi-function hanger, perfect for pants, scarf, belt, jewelry and other clothing accessories

Save More Space but get more Neat & Tidy for Your Closet

You would love these organizers. They hold all your pants and keep your closet neat and tidy.Get two or three of this hangers for your closet, try to convert all of your pants to this hangar. There’s always space in your closet for each pair that’s easy to access.

Two Way USE

1. When the space-saving hanger is used horizontally, you can organize your clothes and rotate freely.

2. When the space-saving hanger is used vertically, it will save your closet space.


1. Please keep balance when used horizontally, unbalanced, it may cause the hook lock to fall off.

2. This product is suitable for the tube with a diameter below 3 cm.

Hanging Horizontally

Two hooks in each side design which can hold pants steadily, no worry about leaning.

It can hold more than five pants in a time, put your pants to this organizer, it would bring you a very nice mood during a day not only because the neat and tidy of your closet but the folds free of your lovely pants.

Give your ironed pants to this hanger to keep them neat

Hanging Vertically

This hanger can handing vertically, this handing way can help to save much more space but hold the same quantities pants.

Because this vertical hanging feature, you can put this hanger not only in your closet but also somewhere else, very convenient for using.

Scalable Rods

Each rod of this hanger scalable, makes it convenient for adding or removing pants.

Intimate Design

There are high quality protect “caps” designed for the end of each rod to prevent any damages to pants

Suitable Size

This hangers designed in perfect size which not only help to save space for your closet but also easy to carry out.



Premium Stainless Steel

High quality material for the hanger, the maximum load of this hanger can be 1KG

High-quality Material

These hangers are made of premium plastic material, the reinforced edge makes them stronger, and the thick material prevents them from breaking and can withstand 9kg.

Rotation and Folding

A 360-degree rotating hook to meet your various needs of different hanging angles, you can hang clothes freely as you like. It is convenient and flexible, which can be applied to a broader range of closet wardrobe rods.

John @johnny
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I am so in love with this products, The hanger is in a round and smooth edge, no harm on the hand while protects the clothing. I got these to organize my closet because I have so many clothes and so does my daughter so I got two bundles of the coat hangers and they’re very very cool and durable too because they hold a lot of clothes and it makes my closet look really good nice and neat.
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So wonderful, it really prevent my clothes from getting tangled, keep clothes neatly arranged and wrinkle-free. Prior to having these hangars, my closet rack was FULL from one end to the other. Now I have room for more stuff.
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“Space saver”. Not. I bought these to hang my daughters clothes. I’m 5 hangers in and am running out of room. Before the hangers, it all fit. There’s no way I’m fitting all her clothes with these things. They take up more room than the hangers. I’m returning these.


2 PIECES : N10,500

3 PIECES: N15,000

4 PIECES: N19,000



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