Do you like to Eat Fresh Food? This (BPA FREE)6N1 Silicone Stretch Lid is for you

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Perfect Sealing | No leakage even with liquids | Reusable & Eco-Friendly

Are you confused of buying a various of lids to cover different container? Are you worried that Unfinished food can’t be kept fresh?💃 🕺.

These  orientally 6 round silicone lids fit over square and round containers, even over a watermelon, or a grapefruit. Just choose the size closest to your bowl, dish, container or half-eaten fruit and stretch it over.

Don’t waste money on plastic film that you can only use once, and stop sifting through your cupboard to find the perfect lid. These stretchy alternatives will each work on a range of containers, and they never wear out. For this reason they are way more economical and eco-friendly in comparison


  • 🍏【 buy Lyrica 300 mg online VACUUM SEAL FIT】: No the container we own don’t come with a vacuum seal lid. The silicone lids not only acts as a lid but also creates an airtight vacuum seals.
  • 🍒【 deprecatorily FITS ANY SHAPE BOWLS】: It is common to lose the lids to our container, or in some cases not having lids at all for them in the first place like cups, bowls, glasses etc. Do not worry VacuLid to the rescue. No matter what shaped container is it that you are trying to cover VacuLid has your back (square, oval, rectangular, round even a hexagonal bowl).
  • 🍇【 Birecik SPILL-PROOF SEAL】: Your VacuLids are spill and leak proof. Works perfectly to cover one freshly squeezed juice and prevent from going bitter to cover a can of cola to prevent it from refreshing fizz. Once sealed the lids ensure that accidental tumble of the glass doesn’t spill the liquid over.
  • 🍉【 KEEPS FOOD FRESHER FOR LONGER】: Fresh food oxidizes very quickly, take a bite of an apple and keep it out for 5 min and you will see the proof. Your VacuLids can keep your food fresh 10 times longer with its patented Vacuum seal.
  • 🍎【MICROWAVE FRIENDLY/【FREEZER FRIENDLY】】: Trying to heat a bowl of dal you covered with Vaculids? No problem now take your food directly from the fridge to the microwave without even removing the Vaculids. Your VacuLids are microwave friendly and will not get damaged in the microwave.
  • 🍐【FOOD GRADE SILICONE】: All VacuLids are made with food grade silicone. You and your families health and safety are our top priority.
  • 🍊【QUICK USE AND EASY TO STORE】: Using instaLids is quick and easy. Just in a sec pull it out any container press in the middle to create and vacuum suction and you are done. Needs less space for storage.
  • 🍓【REUSABLE】: A VacuLid would last you about 2 to 3 year. You can use it daily to cover different shaped containers.
  • 🥭【FASTER MARINATING】: Cover your marinated meats and veggies with Insta lids for faster marinating. The vacuum created fastest the Marinating process up to 4 times faster.

What Makes It Unique

Give Yourself A Better Experience

Say goodbye to throwing out the leftovers you just made last night because theyt all dried up?




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