Keep Yourself And Family Safe From Germs With Touchless Infrared Thermometer

Touchless Infrared Thermometer guarantees reliable taking temperature without spreading germs! Test multiple family members or Workplace at once without worry.

Benefits And Features

  • Results are obtained in seconds, saving you time and the waiting…
  • It will tell you if your baby, child, or older adult has a fever or not by changing color.
  • The screen will turn off after 30 seconds without operation.
  • The measurement accuracy is less than 0.2 ° C.
  • Backlight effect screen means that you can read the numbers even if you’re in total darkness.
  • Compact and lightweight design, you can carry the thermometer anywhere. Therefore, you can measure temperature.

Touchless Infrared Thermometer Applicable for:

  • Family
  • Workplace
  • School
  • Public transport
  • Hospital
  • Shopping mall
  • Airport

Design for all ages:

  • Infants
  • Babies
  • Children
  • Adults
  • Elders

It is suitable for:

  • Room temperature
  • Liquid temperature
  • Food temperature
  • Body temperature
  • Bathwater
  • Baby milk

How much does Infrared Thermometer cost?

It is now available for 40% OFF which means you can only get it for GH₵ 650 TODAY! instead of GH₵ 1,000

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